Thank you Flexible Sealer! I live in a part of the country where we either have droughts or monsoons. In the spring and summer, it’s rare that we have gentle rains. My house is 30+ years old and while it has that “old charm” that you can’t find today in new construction, it’s starting to show its age in some areas. The skylights in my sunroom are the one area where house age and weather don’t get along. Several months ago, I discovered water puddled on the floor and part of a table. I called my roofer and he came out and “fixed” the problem. Well, $300 and several rains later, I found water, again. My husband and I decided to try fixing it ourselves. We went to our local home center and found your product, Home Armor™ Flexible Sealer. Oh my gosh, what a savior! This stuff really works because my skylight survived the last downpour. I’m going to tell my roofer about your product, for sure!

Lisa M AL