Home Armor™

Home Armor™
Renewing The Beauty Of Your Home
And Restoring the Pride Of Your Family.

A home may be the single largest investment for most families, but its true value cannot only be evaluated in dollars and cents but also as a haven from the outside world…a reflection of personal tastes and values…and an enduring source of pride for every member of your family.

Nobody appreciates the value of a home more than Home Armor™, or makes higher-quality products to protect yours. Using proprietary new chemistries, we make products that renew the original beauty of your home, strengthen its protection against the forces of nature — and reduce the time, effort and expense of protecting your home now and in the future.

As a result, you'll find Home Armor™ makes products that apply faster, last longer and perform better than the leading competitive products.

At Home Armor™, we've introduced a line of premium products to renew, protect and repair your home inside and out — and we're just getting started.